Anxiety/Stress/Fear – Ideas to help bring back the balance

Anxiety is the worst.  For most of my life I have been an anxious person.  Slowly over the last few years I have been letting some of that anxiety go through various steps.

1.  I tell myself the anxiety does not help to get control of the situation and focus on what can help.

2a.  I analyze the anxiety.  Is it something that is happening or “might” happen?  There is no benefit to worrying about what might happen.  If it is happening then the best thing is to do what I CAN do in order do dismiss the anxiety.

2b.  Do something.  Figure out what you CAN do and do not focus on what you cannot do.  Just doing something helps a person empower themselves and the anxiety generally will dissipate some or completely all together.

3.  Remember to eat, not over eat, just eat.  Often when folks are anxious, they forget to eat, which can exasperate the problem.  Hungry people are even more anxious.  When anxious your body uses more nutrients, so remember to keep some gas in the gas tank, so to speak.

4.  Exercise.  Exercise is amazing.  It will give you endorphins, which help relieve stress and give you strength.  It is a two for one.  Exercise is the most under utilized stress management tool.

5.  Talk and or write.  You do not have to talk to anyone.  Talk to a recorder.  It will allow you to vent and verbalize the stress and possibly think it through better.  The same goes for writing.

6.  I blog.  Usually I will use Tumblr and/or WordPress