Day 2 of no Television

It seems so funny that I would want to watch TV over doing things that would be good for myself, but it is true.  Television is an easy escape from confronting what I need to do to become what I want to be now.

What are my goals?

Live in Japan.  Make over $250,000 per year.  Enjoy my job.  Have passive income.  Have a lot of free time to enjoy Japan.  Have a family.  Have a wedding ceremony.  Go to lot’s of on-sens in Japan.  Have a blog about Japan that generates enough income so I can live a happy and care free life.  Learn.  Be more time efficient with my time, which means be more in the moment and focus on what I am doing now.  Often times I am thinking about other things rather than the things I am doing.

Get better at understanding health, fitness, how to be sexy and comfortable with who I am.  Not caring what others think about me.

Japanese On-sen

New Habits. How can I make them happen?

This has ALWAYS been a challenge for me.  I am an introvert and need to to “turn off my mind” or so I feel on the weekends.  I think to much.  So working out helps, but usually I end up watching TV shows, movies, and/or play video games.  What do I accomplish over the weekend, usually not a lot more than anything that is not at home.  Foe almost a year now my better half has quietly suggested getting rid of Roku.  Not a hard push, just a soft sell.  So last Tuesday I sold my Roku.  Kaizen, small steps towards a bigger goal.  Yesterday was my first Friday without Roku.  I felt a bit like an addict without my drug.  I wanted my Roku.  So I watched a little on my iPad, but that is annoying, then moved on to more constructive things.  My partner does not think I will make it through the weekend, but is happy I am trying.  I feel I will make it, because I want to change.  I want to accomplish more in life.

It seems like a silly story in my life, but these small silly stories add up to bigger goals and dreams.


How to Live a Life without Regrets 

1. Discover and follow your own path in life.

2. Don’t be afraid to say “no” to other people.

3. Make character a goal, and top priority.

4. Don’t procrastinate, or fail to do the things that matter.

5. Spend your time with people who affirm and value you.

6. Don’t fear being judged or criticised by other people.

7. Do what makes you happy … All the things that you enjoy.

8. Don’t ruminate on failures, or misjudgments, or mistakes.

9. Do things that you’ll be proud of when you look back on your life.

10. Don’t take yourself too seriously, or worry all the time.

Finding your Motivation and Inspiration

This I generally find is one of the easier things to do each day.  I look at what I want online via almost anywhere and say I have to do ONE THING that gets me closer to my goals.  Do I remember it all the time?  No.  That is why I use my Tumblr as my inspiration page.   There are a lot of companies that do this: Pinterest, I Heart It, Interest, Facebook, etc.  For me Tumblr works best.  It is a fast and quick motivational fix for the day.  I literally wake up each morning and Tumblr inspiration and Motivation and do one thing that will get me closer to my goals.

How do I get rid of my vices? How do I change?

This question was posed to me.  I am not sure what to say.  It has very difficult for me to get rid of some vices personally.  So how do I give guidance?  I use kaizen.  Kaizen is the practice of continuous improvement.  One of the most notable features of kaizen is that big results come from many small changes accumulated over time.  What are your vices?  Drugs, eating poorly, procrastination, video games, porn, surfing the internet for hours, Facebook, etc?  Why do you do them?  Can you find a healthier substitute?  What do you really want?  Does your vice get you there?  Can your vice be used in a positive way?

Really it comes down to just doing it.  I want to play a video game or watch TV right now, but will either get me what I want?  No.  Does this?  Yes, it does a little.  Do I feel better after I blogged or playing a video game?  Blogging of course.  It takes time to switch to new hobbies.  Repetition.  Not mentally beating yourself up.  Continue day after day to say you will one day.  Small improvements should be celebrated a little.  Perseverance.  Keep pushing forward.

Keep Moving Forward

This weekend I was challenged with some very depressing things.  The things are completely out of my hands, but never the less will have a huge affect on me.  So what can I do?  Nothing about the things that could shake me up emotionally, and only emotionally, for a period of time.  So I just made a list and started doing things that were in my control.  I am still not thrilled with some things that are about to happen in my life, but I feel a lot better that I was able to accomplish things and move forward in other areas of my life.  It helped a lot not to sit on my ass.  I was still sad, but not out for the count.

Are you dumb enough to smoke?

When I see someone smoking it’s very hard to comprehend.  We all know smoking kills.  It’s harmful to those around us.  So what does that say about the person?  Do they care about themselves?  Maybe not.  That’s sad.  Is there a way to help them?  No.  I can only help those that want help. 

Maybe they care, but they have a very difficult time fighting the addiction.  It’s also probably hurting them financially, which brings a lot of other problems.  

Then I think about the people around them physically and metaphorically.  Second hand smoke kills.  Are they so uncaring,unfeeling, cold that they will smoke around other people?  What if it’s someone that cares about them?  A parent, friend, sibling, relatives, spouse, partner, and/or child?  Do they care how their smoking affects them?  It could harm them physically.  It could harm them emotionally if they and/or the smoker get sick.  It could and probably will destroy them financially and that in itself creates problems.

Smoking is baffling.  If you smoke I hope you care enough to quit smoking.  If not for you, but for the people around you.  

3/30 challenge #3/30challenge


  1. Every day take a selfie to track progress of what you are working on – Abs, Glutes, Arms, Legs, Etc.  Face shot not needed.  I am shy 🙂
  2. Every day WRITE a personal post.  What I say personal, I mean you write it.  It can be a quote, a word, a few sentences, a book.  But once a day for 30 days write something.
  3. 3 simple exercises everyday.  3a. 21 Pushups a days for 30 days, adding 1 a day until you reach 51.  3b.  50 sit-ups a day, adding 5 a day, until you reach 200 3c.  50 jumping jacks a day for 30 days adding 5 a day, until you reach 200.