Wish Upon A Falling Star, Then Go Make The Wish Happen


Treating WordPress and Blogger like Tumbr

I woke up at 2:45am feeling a little down. I had no real idea why I felt down. Usually I’m positive. So I started posting to Tumblr.  Like always, it started cheering me up. I realized I was having money envy. Not a good reason to be down. So how do I change my circumstances? I love posting. Could that lead to income? I have more than 69,000 followers. How do I advertise? I do not know html. How do I insert ads from Adsense or some other company into my Tumblr page? Blogger is the easiest. It is set up for ads. Can I get my followers to follow me to a new format? Can I try something new? Would it be effective? So I started experimenting tonight with WordPress.