7 days of challenge

Picking challenges/goals is not easy.  Often times I picked goals that are a little out of my reach.  Example:  blog every day for 6 months.  I never do it.  They I started using the Japanese method of Kaizen.  Pick a goal then break that goal down into small steps/parts.  I would like to blog every day, but that has not happened.  So I am setting a smaller goal of 7 days to start.  On top of that I will bring back my simple workout routine: 21 push-ups, 50 sit-ups, 30 jumping jacks, and add 12,000 steps plus some light weights.  If I accomplish this I will expand to 30 days.  I really need this, because I will be headed to Seattle, Los Angeles, Italy, and Japan in the next 2-3 months.  There will be a ton of hiking and walking and I want to be ready.

Side note:  If anyone knows Tuscany, Italy, please send ideas.   In Japan I need help with Mie and Wakayama Prefectures.  I am open to ideasin LA and Seattle, but know both fairly well.

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