Day 2 in Japan

Day 2 was an amazing shock.  I thought it would be a boring uneventful day, but the Japanese’s version of boring is most folks excitement.   The Japanese are the ultimate foodies.  

So let me back up.  Day 2 we were going to spend with the family.  Catch up and spend time with each other, since it’s been a couple of years.  We were going to go for a walk by the lake, hit the farmers market, the grocery and eat and drink to our hearts content.  

It was the farmers market that blew me away.  I’ve been going to farmers markets my whole life, so nothing new right?  Wrong.  I was asked to try a strawberry.  Now strawberries are okay in my mind, but a bit tart and hard.  The Japanese strawberries were perfection.  Not to tart and not too sweet, plus they melted like warm butter in my mouth.  They were perfection.  Why do we not have these in the states?  Next I was asked to have a tomato.  It too was the best tomato I’ve ever had in my life.  It had perfect taste and texture.

The grocery, lake, tea, and beer that day were amazing, but the farming skill of the Japanese once again impressed on me how much care they put into everything they do in Japan.

Side note:  if you see a daikon this big in your grocer, I recommend buying and eating it.  A story for another time.

Day 1 – Back in Japan

I’m back in Japan after a 2 year hiatus.  Words cannot describe how excited I am right now.  My only issue is that 2 weeks are not enough time to do everything I would like too.  This time I will hit a couple of On-sens, go to Omotesando , Monzennakacho, the rest of Tokyo, and Saksai.

So far I have plans to see only one friend who is in town from Hong Kong.  A rumored billionaire.  I really doubt the rumors are true, he just lives a comfortable lifestyle and is a little bit famous.

I’d like to see everyone while I’m here, but I family to see and want some serious me time to wander Tokyo.  So we’ll see what happens and I’ll keep you all updated.image