How did I become Wealthy?

Once you are wealthy, this will be the question everyone wants to ask you.  How did you do it?  They want to know the secret formula and recreate part of it.  How do I know?  I know because that was me.

My job is to manage and invest the money of the wealthy.  That being said I did not know how to get vast sums of wealth.  I only knew how to grow mass sums of wealthy.  so I started observing my clients, to see if I could find some clues to develop vast sums of wealth.

One of them handed me this book and said if I could not follow these basic steps I would never be wealthy.

He was so right.  It is very simple, but not easy.  Dave Ramsey Also has a podcast, if you do not want to start with the book.  If you cannot follow this, all the other posts I post around becoming a multi-millionaire will be worthless.  If you are not wealthy yet, please read or listen to this book, Dave Ramsey’s Total Money Makeover.

This book is where my path to becoming wealthy started and it remains the foundation of my wealth.

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