The 3 Minute Plank Pose Challenge


I am in a situation for the next 3 months where I will not get a lot of time to work out.  So I turned to my mentor in a bit of a panic and asked him what should I do?  He asked me some questions to make sure I was not being overly dramatic, then accepted I truly may not have much time to exercise.  I was particularly concerned with my abs.  We both figured I could work in 12,000 steps of walking each day, but weights would be hard to get too.  So he threw the 3 Minute Plank Pose Challenge @me.  He said if I could maintain 3 minutes everyday, that where was no way I would lose my six-pack.  There is only one catch.  I get tired at 75 seconds, much less 180 seconds.  He told me to increase my time by 10 seconds each day until I reach 180 seconds.  Once I am there and it is fairly doable, then start mixing in some push-ups.  So I throw it at my followers, are you up to doing the 3 Minute Plank Pose Challenge with me?

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