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Go find your Diamond

My partner and I were sitting around today discussing and planning our lives.  I like to have a rough idea of where I am going and doing short and long term.  The plan can easily change, but I still like to have a plan.  We also like to know each others plans, so we can help each other and aware of what each one of us wants out of life.

One thing we have noticed the last 6-7 years is happy people.  We both felt we needed MBAs or some certificates beyond what we currently have earned.  That being said neither one of us went for our MBAs or any other certificates.  Did our lives get better?  Yes.  Are we happier.  Wow.  Definitely.

What changed?  First we got our financial house in order.  We created a budget, so we knew where our money was going.  We also created a list of what we needed, wanted and dreamed about.  then we started making plans for each.  The plans were always very rough when they started out.  Then we would talk about them from time to time.  We put them on a dry eraser board in the family room, so we would be reminded of them daily.

Day by day, week by week, month by month and year by year, we started hitting our goals. We started growing.  We observed happy people.  They tended to focus on what they enjoyed doing or want to try doing, after they completed their responsibilities.  They did not force themselves to do things, because they felt they must do them.  Now if a job said they had to do something they would do it.  So over the years, they and we have been learning what we like to do by trying things.  We are all getting to know ourselves better.  The more we know ourselves the happier we become as people.

The diamond I refer to in the title is your one true passion.  You may never find it.  I may never find it.  What I have found and will continue to find in my lifetime are precious gems along the way.  I would be very unhappy if I did not always try and dig for my diamond.  We must try in order to find happiness.