Fear – the Next Step in Your/My Life

I do not know if you are like me.  A steady job, a steady income, a (false)sense of security.  About 5 weeks ago my world was thrown upside down.  One of the folks at my work had deliberately tried to end my career.  He sees it as just business, but I see it as something very different.  My stable, steady world was shattered.

So what did I do?  I did everything to repair the damage he had caused and for the most part I fixed things and re-established my safe and steady world.  The only problem was i realized it could happen again.  So what do I do?  I have my steady job back, but I no longer feel safe.  Worse, I still have to work with this individual whom I clearly can no longer trust.

It means I need to explore options outside of my comfort zone.  Does that terrify me?  Yes.  I may even start my own firm.  5 of my friends have done it and all have been successful.  Comparatively, when they worked at my firm I was better than them at their jobs.  So they all recommend I leave and go independent with or without them.

It terrifies me, but I feel if I do not do it I will never be free.


The United States – A Nation Divided

I was going to write about my 2017 resolutions, but I cannot seem to escape what is happening in the United States.  Donald Trump is president and it is dividing the nation.  Millions of women and man took to the streets to protest Donald Trump.  I have never witnessed such a mass uprising in the United States.  It is scary.

The United States is the symbol of hope, justice and equality the world over.  Now we have elected a president that seems to challenge that for a lot of people.

My belief is watch his actions and do not listen to his words.   He is focused.  He will do whatever it takes to attain his goals.  DT would say anything during his election to move public opinion in the direction he wanted.  He was focused on winning and he won.


The protestors destroying things was wrong.

Donald Trump is different.  America’s debt continues to get worse and the politicians take care of themselves and not the people.  I feel the outrage.

I also feel outrage regarding his treatment of women.

The Clinton Foundation was getting a lot of money from countries that literally hate the Unites States.  China and the Middle East primarily.  I do not trust the Democratic Party.  Chicago is a Democratic hotbed and it will be the next great American City to fall on its debt sword.  The murder rate is even more shocking.  Cuba.  Why the heck did we help them?  They were broken.  Democrats lost a lot of votes over that one.  Iran?  They now have money.  How are we really going to stop them from building the bomb?  They were breaking under economic sanctions as the U.S.S.R.(now Russia), once did.  What was wrong with Joe Bidden?  He is one of the few politicians I can trust.

Christians seem to have backed Trump.  This one blows my mind.  I am Christian and he stomps on some of the ten commandments(2,3,7,8,9,10).

He has bragged about cheating on his wives.

DT is not a forgiving man as we are supposed to be in Christianity.  He holds grudges.

Pussygate.  Wow.  This man now is the face of the United States.  He represents me?

He has loaded his cabinet with billionaires who have a history of screwing the middle and lower classes.

Climate change, healthcare, and civil rights are no longer priorities of this administration?  I pray there is a solution to giving up Obamacare.  Pharmaceutical companies receive half their profits globally from the United States of America.  China?  India?  Brazil?  Europe?  Anyone else want to help subsidize the world?

How are tampons not a tax free purchase, but Rogaine and Viagra are?  All women will need a tampon, but not all men need Rogaine and Viagra.  They are luxury items.

I loved how Trump did not back down when China challenged him.  They get away with murder and no previous president has held them accountable.  Poor democratic Taiwan.  DEMOCRATIC TAIWAN.  How the hell have we not acknowledged them in the past.

Is Russia more evil than the Middle Eastern dictatorships/royal families and China?

Why does it feel like so many muslims around the world hate America?

In the end I am excited and scared.  I would have loved to see a woman president, but we did not.  Trump has shown to have his own agenda and does not follow the Republican ticket.  I see a tougher stance on China, North Korea, and better relations with Russia.  Climate change will have to survive on its own without support from the government.  Healthcare is a mystery.  Isolationism should not hurt.  Countries are still desperate to do business with the USA.  Will he be the next Teddy Roosevelt or not?  I hope for the former.

I hope he is a better friend to woman than it appears he has been.

I am hopeful for positive change and scared at the same time.