Chapter 101: Habushu (Okinawan Snake Wine)

This is crazy

The Flying Tofu


I was down Kokusaidori in Naha during one evening and found a shop selling alcohol with snakes inside. It certainly isn’t unheard-of in Asian countries to have snakes in alcohol, it does however come across as a strange yet fascinating discovery when you see it with your own two eyes. ‘Is it fake?’ I thought to myself for a second because the snakes do appear plastic looking. But, it’s the real damn thing. I know in China they have baby mice in alcohol and I’ve heard about other crazy things like lizards and scorpions. If you fancy something with a bite to it, you can actually purchase bottles of habushu and take them home with you. I heard it’s supposed to have some health benefits (mainly to help boost male virility) and it’s quite strong to deactivate the venom from the snake making it safe to drink.

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