R.M. Drake

You shouldn’t look for answers in people who have left you.
There are no revelations there. No guides. No fulfillment’s of any kind.
You’re not going to find a map to paradise in these people.
You’re going to find confusion and a lot more questions, perhaps even more than you can handle.
And I know people change, that is if they want to but why give in?
Why trust who has broken you before?
I mean, people live and sometimes they have the nerve to come back but that doesn’t mean you’ve got to let them back in.
You don’t have to.
You owe it to yourself to be happy.
Besides look at you now, you’re a goddam superstar and in their absence you have found more of yourself and your smile.
You’re stronger and to be honest, you don’t need to spiral around the bulls*** their universe brings.
You don’t need people who have hurt you to convince you of how beautiful you are.
You’re a flower, and you don’t drown the moment the rain starts falling down.

Blog Challenge Accepted!

I love the show How I Met Your Mother and Barney Stinson’s quote,”Challenge Accepted!”  Well, I’ve been collaborating with fellow Bloggers https://thejourneyinginger.wordpress.com and https://bushidobryan.wordpress.com .  My Tumblr page has blown up to over 89,000 followers.  That was surprising, since that was not the goal.  The goal was for my self development.  Then I started to hear about all of these people who supposedly make money online blogging.  I do not know if this is true either.  So Señor Ginger and I started to sit down and collaborate and learn about this art form, maybe business,  called blogging.   So our first Challenge is to create 3 blog posts in a week, a challenge for me, and one photo album.   Challenge accepted.