you become what you believe, so believe in yourself

you become what you believe, so believe in yourself

Shout out to everybody who’s trying to get their life together. Working on yourself is the hardest part of life. The rest comes after.

Super Foods are Hiding in Your Fridge

The easiest and most straightforward way of giving yourself energy, preserving your body and losing weight is probably available at your neighborhood food store, or it might even be buried in your kitchen. Don’t be alarmed, be excited.


Many health experts from around the world have been advocating for the incorporation of superfoods into our diets, and some say that merely adding a few of them to your daily menu is enough to provide your wellbeing with an instant boost.

What is there in superfoods that makes them so desirable?

Some of these superfoods are rightly considered exotic, and are only available in health food stores. Among these, you can find acai berries (that come from the Amazon rain forests), goji berries (another rare fruit), Spirulina (a miracle working seaweed) and others. The good news is that most of the superfoods are far more accessible than we thought, and as a matter of fact, they are already available at our house. Despite the fact, that some of these healthy foods are underneath our noses, we do not consume them on a regular basis. 

Among the superfoods, you can find at the nearest market or supermarket you can find: legumes, tomatoes, sweet potatoes, blueberries, strawberries, quinoa, salmon, dark chocolate (with more than 70% cacao), and many green leaves – the greener they are, the healthier they are. For this reason, kale has become the object of such legendary tales, that have turned it into the unofficial king of superfoods. Spinach, mangold and Bok choy are high on this list as well.

Apparently, turning to a superfood-rich diet is super simple, and super healthy: replacing processed foods or less healthy foods by superfoods, will not only grant our body important nutritional values, but will also provide energy and assistance to the different body systems. Some of them even boost the discharge of mood-improving hormones.


R.M. Drake

You shouldn’t look for answers in people who have left you.
There are no revelations there. No guides. No fulfillment’s of any kind.
You’re not going to find a map to paradise in these people.
You’re going to find confusion and a lot more questions, perhaps even more than you can handle.
And I know people change, that is if they want to but why give in?
Why trust who has broken you before?
I mean, people live and sometimes they have the nerve to come back but that doesn’t mean you’ve got to let them back in.
You don’t have to.
You owe it to yourself to be happy.
Besides look at you now, you’re a goddam superstar and in their absence you have found more of yourself and your smile.
You’re stronger and to be honest, you don’t need to spiral around the bulls*** their universe brings.
You don’t need people who have hurt you to convince you of how beautiful you are.
You’re a flower, and you don’t drown the moment the rain starts falling down.

Day 2 in Japan

Day 2 was an amazing shock.  I thought it would be a boring uneventful day, but the Japanese’s version of boring is most folks excitement.   The Japanese are the ultimate foodies.  

So let me back up.  Day 2 we were going to spend with the family.  Catch up and spend time with each other, since it’s been a couple of years.  We were going to go for a walk by the lake, hit the farmers market, the grocery and eat and drink to our hearts content.  

It was the farmers market that blew me away.  I’ve been going to farmers markets my whole life, so nothing new right?  Wrong.  I was asked to try a strawberry.  Now strawberries are okay in my mind, but a bit tart and hard.  The Japanese strawberries were perfection.  Not to tart and not too sweet, plus they melted like warm butter in my mouth.  They were perfection.  Why do we not have these in the states?  Next I was asked to have a tomato.  It too was the best tomato I’ve ever had in my life.  It had perfect taste and texture.

The grocery, lake, tea, and beer that day were amazing, but the farming skill of the Japanese once again impressed on me how much care they put into everything they do in Japan.

Side note:  if you see a daikon this big in your grocer, I recommend buying and eating it.  A story for another time.