Beating Procrastination – 8 Simple Tips

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Beating Procrastination is not easy.

  1. Have breakfast
  2. Make sure you have a good night’s sleep
  3. Make a list of things you have to do
  4. Prioritize them
  5. Do the most important first
  6. Do not worry if you cannot finish the list
  7. Try and exercise every day
  8. have at least 1 liter of water a day

Nothing Lasts Forever

This hit me profoundly this afternoon.  I feel millennial understand this phrase, ‘ Nothing Lasts Forever.’  Nothing does, though I often live like I will have eternal options.  The people I love will always be around.  I can always pursue my goals one day in the distant future.  The movie Dead Poets Society’s phrase ‘Carpe Diem,’ Seize the Day should be embraced more often than it has been.

I do not mean, don’t plan for things.  You should plan and plan to be living well in to your 90s.  What I mean to say is also plan for little things and other big things like kids.  Have multiple plans, prioritize them and keep focused on those goals.  Remind yourself and talk with your partner if you have one regularly about where you want to go and what you want to do in life.

Dancing with my Devils

Do you have a vice you are embarrassed about?  Do you have goals you are afraid to speak out loud ?  Are you in a relationship you like, but that may not be taking you where you want to go?  Are you unsure of where you want to go?  

Well,  that is where I’m at today.  I have a vice I’m ashamed to speak of and goals I will not mention for two reasons1. I’m embarrassed and 2. It could alter current relationships and my career. 

So what do I do?  Am I fulfilled in my life?  No.  So it must be time to move forward.  I do not know how to do that, but I’m going to start writing down a plan and share it with someone.  Living an unfulfilled life is not for me.  
Do you face challenges like these in your life?  Are you going to do anything about the challenges?

Commit to Change

Have you ever wanted to do something, but did not?  Have you ever dreamed about something, but did not pursue it?  Were you scared it would not work out?  Did you try, but not fully commit, which might have undermined your chances of success?  We need to commit to what we want to become and do, even if we end up failing.  Why?  Because we grow and learn from these experiences.  We become less fearful and get a much clearer vision of what we truly want deep down inside.

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Get Stuff Done, when it needs doing.

I woke up this morning.  The first things I had to do was walk the dog.  The second thing I wanted to do was blog.  I did not blog though.  I got close, but did not blog.  As soon as I opened my computer I was distracted by a post on my reader.  It was so good I wanted to reblog it, which lead me to realizing I was having an issue with one of my accounts, which lead me to clearing my history and running a sweep of my computer.

I’m not beating myself up though.  Once all that was done I realized I needed to get back on track.  How did I do that?  I make a list every day and prioritize it.  It is tough doing the priorities first sometimes.  They are often times thing I do not want to do.  Tumbling is easy for me, but this blogging is a whole new arena.  Everyday I become better at it.

What do I write about(anything), how do I build my brand(do I have a brand), and I realize the only thing that matters is just blogging about what i have a passion about and sharing my life with the world.  I feel I learn by getting feedback from readers and other bloggers.  I also read and comment.  I do not have a clean process to get me to where I want to be, but I see the direction I need to go to be where I want to be and live.

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Make Lists

Fear and Procrastination are friends, but not my friends.  It is easy for me to get distracted each day and not complete the infinite amount of projects and I ideas I think of in my mind.  So I start creating lists of what needs to be done immediately, what will need to be done in the future, what I would like to do in the future, and my dream list.  fearThe first list changes daily.  Every day I wake up and make a list of what needs to be done that day and prioritize what needs to be done.  If I finish the list I move on to my other lists.  It helps fight the fear of doing something, which at the same times kills procrastination.

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